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Wilson Francois is a seventeen-year-old junior and this is his first year on the company. He started dancing at age twelve at Ockley Green Middle School with Damon Keller, an alumni of the Jefferson Dancers. Damon was the first one to teach him about everything he knows now and all throughout middle school he was dancing thanks to Damon. Wilson would like to thank all of his dance teachers for giving him the opportunity to be a Jefferson Dancer this year, especially Bunky Holden-Williams. Bunky believed in him and wouldn’t let him give up, was with him every step of the way, and is the best supporter he ever had.


True's Ambus is a sixteen-year-old sophomore and this is his first year on the company. Prior to taking classes at Jefferson, he began dancing at Boise Eliot-Humboldt. He wants to thank his family and teachers for helping him become a better dancer. He’d also like to thank the Jefferson Dancers for always pushing him to utilize his full potential. He loves dance because it’s a huge part of his life and wants to keep dancing for as long as he can.


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