Book the Jefferson Dancers

To book the dancers, please fill out the form below with as much information as you have available and our company manager, Jessica Coltrin, will contact you. You can also reach her via email at or phone at 503.916.5180 x71318.

The Jefferson Dancers is the elite dance company of the nationally known dance department at Jefferson High School. For over 40 years the company has comprised the school's most advanced dance students who come to the Performing Arts Department at Jefferson for dance training. It is a multi-ethnic company of 19 dancers, ages 14-18. The program is dedicated to education and preparing students for the depth of commitment it takes to physically and mentally prepare them for a performing arts career. By providing a professional dance company environment they begin to understand the responsibility of their role and the rewards of contributing to a product of exceptional quality. Our second company, the Jefferson Dancers II is also available to perform.

Organization Information

Event Details

Performing Company
Our first company consists of the elite dancers. JDs perform to fundraise for travel costs for our Spring trip (international tour in France this year) and company expenses.
Our second company consists of dancers who train less often and are often working towards a spot in the first company. If cost is an issue then consider the JDII dancers.
If the performance is for an event, please provide the name of the event.
Requested Type of Performance
Please select the type of performance you may be interested in. This list contains our typical performance types but we are also open to considering additional options. 
Any preferences on dance style? The company can do Contemporary, Modern, Tap, Ballet, Jazz, African, and Hip Hop.

Space Details

Where would the dancers be performing? Is there a stage? What is the size of the stage and what type of flooring is there?
Do you have a sound system available for the performance and someone to run it?
Do you have a lighting system available for the performance and someone to run it?
Are dressing rooms available? We prefer one large for the girls and a smaller one for the boys, but could also do 1 large with bathrooms for the boys.
All donations are used for the travel costs for all of the dancers in the program and are tax-deductible. Donations are greatly appreciated and negotiable.