The Jefferson Dancers fill a community need and are dedicated to dance training, community education, and performance while serving as an emblem of Portland's youth. Their performances reach multi-cultural audiences of all ages. Performances educate the students, community, and the public about the values of striving for excellence in any given field and demonstrate the dancers' hard work, discipline, perseverance, and artistry.

2016-17: Guest artists at the following venues: Greater Portland Inc. Global Summit - Portland Art Museum, Garlington Clinic Groundbreaking, PCC Cascades Library Grand Reopening, Hosford Middle School, Portland Singing Christmas Tree performances - Keller Auditorium, Beauty & The Beast - Newmark Theater, Grout Elementary, MLK Day Tribute-Highland Center, Nike, Westside Elementary, Columbia Center for the Arts poTENtial Program, Mary Rieke Elementary, Clatskanie Arts Commission, PCPA Newmark Theatre, Special Guest at Talent Within, da Vinci Middle School, Town Center Village Retirement Community.

International Tour 2017 : South of France

2015-16: Guest artists at the following venues: Oregon Convention Center-Children's Cancer Association Benefit, Woodmere Elementary School, Portland Singing Christmas Tree performances, Bridger School, MLK Day Tribute-Highland Center, Rigler Elementary, Forest Park Elementary, PCPA Noontime Series, PCPA Newmark Theatre, Oregon Convention Center-Cure for Malaria Celebration, Tom McCall Waterfront Park-Starlight Parade After Party.

National Tour 2016 : Pittsburgh, PA- National Performing Arts High School Dance Festival

2014-15: Guest artists at the following venues: PCC Rock Creek, AASPA, Portland Center Stage-Gerding Theatre, Westside Elementary- Hood River, MLK Day Tribute-Highland Center, Jackson Middle School, Urban Studio, HEART PPS, Hosford Middle School, Beach School, Whitman School, Mary Rieke School, PCPA Noontime Series, PCPA Newmark Theatre.

International Tour 2015 : South of France

2013-14: Guest artists at the following venues: PCC Cascade, West Sylvan, Brava MANA Conference, Portland Art Museum-PCC District President Ceremony, Catlin Gabel, Skyline Middle, Portland Singing Christmas Tree performances, Duniway School, Westside Elementary-Hood River, Arleta School, PCC Cascade- Women History Month Celebration, Shine- Fashion Show, Llewellyn School, Peninusla K-8, Mary Rieke, Highland Christian Center-MLK celebration, KGW-Live at 4:00 w/Drew Carney.

National Tour 2014 : Miami, Florida- National Performing Arts High School Dance Festival

2012-13: Guest artists at the following venues: Portland's Singing Christmas Tree, Eco Trust Building, Roseway Heights, PCC Cascade, Arleta School, Pioneer Place, Richmond Japanese School, Chief Joseph School, Woodlawn School, West Sylvan School, International Youth Leadership, Cascade Festival, St. Helens Middle School, Hosford School, Buckman School, Rieke School, Creston School, MLK Celebration, KGW - Drew Carney Show.

International Tour 2013 : China - Beijing, Tianjin, Xuzhov, Nanjing & Shangai

2011-2012: Guest artists at the following venues: Desert Arts Council-Hermiston, OR; Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree; Travel Portland; Our House; Pioneer Courthouse Square; Creston School; Vernon School; Kelly School; Catlin Gable School; Laurin School-Battleground, WA; Riverdale School; Buckman School; Rieke School; World Arts Foundation; Pulse PDX; White Bird; Highland Christian Center - MLK Celebration; KGW - Drew Carney show.

National Tour 2012 : Philadelphia, PA & New York, NY

2010-2011: Guest artists at the following venues: “Say Hey” event at MAC club; Hilton Hotel; The Portland Singing Christmas Tree; Mary Rieke elementary; Special Olympics Youth Rally; Creative Science School; Creston School; Oregon Education Associations; Catlin Gable; Jackson Middle; White Salmon, WA; Oregon Convention Center; Black History Celebration; Nike - Children’s Cancer; Rose City Music Festival; Whitman School Multi-Cultural Night; Oregon Nursing Alliance; International Auto Show; International Auto Show Flash Mob; Oregon Women in Higher Education - Governor Hotel; Mt Hood Community College; World Arts Foundation; Highland Christian Center - MLK Celebration.

International Tour 2011 : Florence, Livorno, Venice, Pisa & Rome Italy

2009-2010: Guest artists at the following venues: Travel Portland; MercyCorp; Cleveland High School; Holt International - Ethiopia Orphanages; Tongan Celebration; Great City Schools Celebration; The Portland Singing Christmas Tree; Beauty & The Beast -Newmark Theater; Blue Cross-Blue Shield - MLK Celebration; Highland Christian Center - MLK Celebration; Clackamas High School - celebrate Diversity; Lincoln High School; Volunteers of America celebration; Oregon Nursing Association; Boise Eliot; Oakley Green; Portland Vocal Consort’s “Best of the Northwest: King Elementary; Riverdale High School; Regence - Kenya Fundraiser; Catlin Gable School; Scappoose High School; Young Audiences of America; Rosa Parks Multi-Cultural Night; Grant High School; KOIN 6 - Live at 4:00 show.

National Tour 2010 :Miami, Florida - National Performing Arts High School Dance Festival

2008-2009: Guest artists at the following venues: Oregon Cultural Trust; Cleveland High School; Holt International - Ethiopia Orphanages; St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church - Kenya celebration; Eugene Yuletide celebration with the Eugene Symphony; Portland State University; Highland Christian Center - MLK Celebration; White Salmon, WA; Hood River, OR; Clackamas High School; King Elementary; Gospel Festival - Straight Talk; Nemo Design; Boise Eliot; Riverdale High School; Riverdale Elementary School; Robert Gray Middle; Creston School; Tower Theater - Bend, OR; Nike; National Tap Dance Festival; Jefferson High School 100th year celebration.

International Tour 2009 : Dreiech, Wiesbaden & Frankfurt, Germany

2006-07 outreach performances included: Back to School Night at Jefferson High School; lecture demonstrations at Sunrise Middle School, Ockley Green Middle; dress rehearsal for area elementary and middle schools; Open Arms International; Oregon Association for Court Administrators; Portland Oregon Visitors Association; Warm Springs Tribes; Boise Eliot Elementary; Clatskanine Arts Commission; Portland Business Journal; University of Portland International Night; Martin Luther King Celebration; Eugene Symphony; CARES NW; American School in London and local high schools in and around Paris and Aix en Provence, France.

2005-06 outreach performances included: James John Elementary; Sabin Elementary; Lake Oswego High School; Scappoose High School; White Salmon Elementary; Kellogg Middle School; Portland Center Stage; BESC Teacher In Service; Portland Business Journal; Celebrate Arts with Portland Public Schools, Katrina Relief; Portland Oregon Visitors Association; Peacemakers Conference; National High School Dance Festival, Miami Florida; lecture demonstrations and classes in Newport, Oregon; Portland Schools Foundation, Ainsworth Elementary.

2002-03 outreach performances included: Nike; Back to School Night at Jefferson High School; Jack, Will, Rob Center at Camas; Astoria High School, Astoria; OPB Artbeat; Cascade Aids Benefit at Governor Hotel; MLK Celebration at University of Portland; Clackamas High School; Boise Eliot Elementary; Providence Health Systems Diversity Committee; Pendleton Community Arts.

2001-02 outreach performances included: da Vinci Middle School; Ockley Green Middle School; Tubman Middle School; Sunset Elementary School; Sunrise Middle School; Chiles Center, University of Portland Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday performance; Boise-Eliot Elementary School, United Negro College Fund at the Benson Hotel; La Salle High School, University Park Community Center; Portland Public Schools at the Newmark Theatre, Portland Association for the Support of the Arts (PASA), Rose Festival at the Schnitzer Theatre.